About Us

In the year 2023, our dream took root and bloomed into reality, giving life to Andromeda Swag. It was a cherished vision that we nurtured, one that held the potential to craft a distinct brand that could leave a tangible mark upon the world.

We, Juliana and Adrian, are the architects of this vision, two beings bonded in the harmonious dance of life. Not just partners in our creative endeavors, we are also musicians, and instructors of Kaula Tantra Yoga, an ancient art that intertwines the physical and spiritual.

Juliana and Adrian

In our philosophy, everything, from every speck of dust to the grandeur of galaxies, is deeply woven into the fabric of existence. Nothing exists in isolation, but is instead an integral part of a cosmic symphony. We perceive the cosmos not as an expanse of scattered celestial bodies, but as a unified, harmonious whole, echoing with the music of creation.

Preparing t-shirt for printing

Andromeda Swag, at its core essence, is an expansive digital marketplace. A sanctum for those seeking distinctive clothing and accessories, it is an online treasure trove that marries style with individuality. Each piece tells a story, an artistic expression of the cosmos and its profound interconnectedness, reflected in the tangible form of wearable art.

Let us take you on a cosmic journey with Andromeda Swag, where fashion meets the cosmos, where every thread weaves a tale of the universe, and every accessory echoes the harmony of creation. So, come and embrace your cosmic style with us.